Friday, September 3, 2010

Sweet Dress

We've been busy whipping up some stock for an upcoming market. Well actually my sister has.... I've been flapping about not really accomplishing much at all. After such a beautiful start to spring, the weather has turned decidedly grey and miserable and it's making me feel a bit the same, not so much miserable just a little grey. Totally unmotivated. Maybe it's sheer exhaustion from actually managing to post three times in one week!

Here's a little preview of some things Tracey has been working on......

The sweetest little pinafore dress in a mint green with a splash of vintage orange fabric for the pocket.

Here it's been teamed with a little capped sleeve singlet.

I love it.
I tried to squeeze Abi into it, I desperately wanted it to fit because really I wanted to keep it for myself! Unfortunately it didn't, but I have put an order in.

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