Friday, March 25, 2011

Would you like some scone with that cream?

I've given up chocolate, AGAIN. 
I know, I can see the collective eye roll, "suuuure you have, mmm hmmm, how long will it last this time?"

To be perfectly honest it most likely wont last long what with Easter just around the corner and all, but I had to do something. I had stooped to new lows in my chocolate addiction and although I managed to give it up easily before, once the 30 days had past I didn't just fall off the wagon I jumped off, did a stunt roll, landed on my feet and ran straight to the nearest Cadbury's stockist I could find.

Anyway my concern in giving up only chocolate is that i may be substituting one addiction for another.
Did you know strawberry jam is over 50% sugar (well the one we buy is) and that could possibly be the reason why I have started slathering it on just about any edible surface.

On a positive note my need to find another way to eat more jam inspired me to try out a scone recipe I had previously been afraid of. 
We were all suprised at how delicous they were, and I qoute...."Wow, they're actually really nice" :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Good morning sunshine.

I was meant to be making the beds and other domestic chores but got totally distracted by this cute little red head. 
Can you blame me, it's a wonder anything gets done around here!


Looks like we'll have to move the cot mattress down tonight, a new skill discovered just this morning, standing up in her cot. 
They just grow up too fast.