Thursday, September 2, 2010


Yay, finally spring is here. I love the change in seasons,
it always come around just in time, just as I'm starting to think
I can't bear another windy wintery day or sweltering summers night.
I realise we are without doubt officially the slackest bloggers in
the history of the blogosphere. While we attempt to rectify this
I thought I'd post some shots of an amazing gift my son got for his
sixth birthday(a while back now) from my sister.
It came in the post, just a plain looking parcel but as we opened it we discovered the most extraordinary surprise.

We watched in awe over the next few days as a most beautiful transformation took place.

It is the most amazing thing to see, the colours and the golden highlights, breathtaking.

You could literally watch it change.

Until finally a beautiful butterfly appeared as if by magic.

In the end we had to set our butterfly free, after a little encouragement he set off to start the process again.

It really was such a great and unique gift. I would definitely recommend it for any little nature lover you may know. Such a special thing to experience. We took plenty of photo's too which have come in handy on numerous school projects.

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