Friday, September 17, 2010

Pictionary with a seven year old.

I'm not ashamed to admit (ok maybe a little) that I am a huge fan of board games, unfortunately no one else in our family has shared that passion. That is until I discovered a very dusty and neglected game of Pictionary while doing a major wardrobe clean out. 
Oscar, who has never been a big fan of drawing, was fascinated so we had a quick (not following the rules) game. He was hooked! and has been asking to play every night since.
Finally tonight while his Nan was here we got the time to have a quick game. 
This is what happened. 

It was Oscars turn to draw and our turn to guess.

Me: A person?

Oscar: No

Mum: A boy?

Oscar: No

Me: Catching?

Oscar: Nooo!

Mum: Waving?

Oscar: Nnnnoooooo!!

Me: Oh I know, A bear!

Oscar: (laughing) What, a bear with Human feet?

This was his drawing........

And these, are human feet as opposed to bear feet......of course :)

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