Saturday, July 9, 2011


All of our babies, as sweet as they are, are born bald and remain that way until well into their second year.
Case in point: Baby Abigail at 1.

Charlotte has similar hair but even whispier and possibly finer. I think she loves the feeling of her whispy strands of hair flapping freely in the wind for she loathes having it restrained in any form. No clips, hairbands, elastics or headbands for her.  
Which is why I was so amazed that I managed to not just put a hairband in but two braids. 
(i was inspired by her sweet friend who has lots more hair and was recently seen rocking some cute braids.)
Ok, so these are maybe not technically braids, I 'm really bad at hair, but they are as close to real braids as we may ever get around here. 

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Anonymous said...

I remember dying for my little sister to grow hair so I could play it with it. I thought she'd never grow it but eventually she did.