Monday, June 27, 2011

oops I really didn't mean to go so long between posts. It's been a little bit crazy busy around here. I've gone back to work part time and trying to squeeze what you normally fit into a week into four days has been a struggle, add to that two hours travel a day, lots of sniffly noses and lots and lots of sleepless nights, the last couple of months have been a blur. 
 I have to admit for the first month I failed, actually I thought I was doing really well but must have been high on some sort of nervous energy because about three weeks in I felt as though it all fell apart.

Things are looking up though, this past weekend was beautiful and sunny and inspired us to get outside and make a start on our enormous and very neglected to do list. 

 It didn't take long before I got distracted....

And all that sunshine was perfect weather for free toes and slurping on home made (by Oscar) Raspberry slushies.
Hoping you had a great weekend full of sunshine xx

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