Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy happy day

I find December birthdays always get lost amongst the chaos of end of school year and Christmas preparations. And despite promising ourselves we would never be as unorganised as last year, Oscars 8th birthday was less than a week away and nothing had been planned, no invites had been sent.

At the very last minute we decided to go to Luna Park. 
The odds were stacked against us, we had two days to prepare, the possibility that noone would be able to come at such short notice, an hour and a half road trip there and back and a weather forecast for rain and thunderstorms. I packed ponchos. 

Amazingly almost everyone could come, they were even all allowed to leave school early so we could avoid the worst of the peak hour traffic. We discovered Charlotte is an absolute daredevil and if she wasn't restricted by height I think she might have taken on the Wild Mouse. 
Everyone had an absolute ball, and for Oscar I think it was a birthday he won't forget for a while. 

Possibly the best party ever, or at least thats what I heard :)

And not a drop of rain fell, now what to do with all those ponchos........

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