Friday, September 4, 2009

Panic has set in, random thoughts ensue.

After the last markets I knew we had two months to prepare for the next one. Whew, I remember thinking, that's plenty of time, I will definitely be prepared and promptly made a mental list of things that I would absolutely do.
We have three weeks and two days till the next Tanks markets and I honestly couldn't tell you a single thing from that mental list I made (note to self - Always put lists on paper and stick in prominent place and not on top of random paper pile on desk where it will ultimately be lost or forgotten, hmmm maybe I should write that down somewhere).
In an attempt to inspire myself I was looking through some photos my sister sent of the original markets and all her brilliant preparation. Yep, I think that's done the trick. I will be dusting off the sewing machine first thing tomorrow morning.

And this is one of my beautiful nieces holding a butterfly, I think she's in the Cairns Butterfly Sanctuary. She is such a sweet dolly, and clearly a bit of an animal whisperer.
While I was writing this I heard our cat at the door making the strangest sound. More of a groan than a meow. I rushed straight out. She is nearing her 16th birthday, poor old thing, so I assumed she was hurt or in trouble(some of the neighbourhood cats pick on her a bit). When I got there she was staring and groaning at my sons gumboots. Strange, I thought, maybe shes losing it a little. I filled up her water and food bowls and gave her a pat. She went straight back to the gumboot. Maybe a spider or a bug has crawled in I thought. So I shuffled some of the shoes around. Nothing. She persisted. So I picked up the gumboots looked inside one, nothing. Looked inside the next one, I thought I might just have seen a shadow, gave it a shake, nothing. For some reason I decided to give it one more shake before heading inside and to my complete shock an enormously chubby and petrified mouse flew out. I of course flew screeching into the air. I'm not actually afraid of mice, but I really didn't think anything so huge could possibly have been in there. This mouse looked like Ratatouille's brother (oh would that make it a rat? no I'm sure it was too cute to be a rat!) Anyway I did the whole screaming hopping from one foot to the other lunatic dance and it ran from me to Sweetie, back to me - still screaming - until finally it made it down the stairs to freedom.
I can hardly believe Sweetie still has it in her to catch such a thing. Maybe it just happened to be wandering by as she headed in. Clearly I'm rambling and need to go to bed so I can start sewing, first thing.
By the way at no point did Sweetie attemp to chase the mouse. She merely sat there and watched me, flailing and screaming and the mouse running away.

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